Social eCart is an "Ecommerce Marketing Platform" that promotes your online store products to multiple marketing channels. Facebook Store: Social eCart will create a Facebook store in your Facebook business page, the Facebook store will synchronize in real time with your online store inventory. Data Feed Management: Our platform will give you the possibility to submit your online store products data feed to multiple shopping engines and marketing channels such as Google Shopping, Bing, TheFind... More Traffic & Sales: Social eCart will ensure your products gain the maximum exposure to attract only interested shoppers to your online store. Effective Marketing campaigns will translate to more quality traffic of visitors and as a direct consecuence, more sales and revenue. Detailed Statistics: Detailed analytics will show you how Social eCart is performing for your store. Activate Social eCart analytics and track performance for multiple marketing channels and make more informed decisions about how to allocate your marketing dollars. ------------------ Latest Changes ---------------- - Added support for HTTPS - Added support for multiple image folders - Improved Module for Google Shopping including support for fields matching, category matching, category and product exclussions and instant data feed validation before submission - Added Google Shopping Coupons so retailers can use free credits to start their google shopping campaigns.