Content Templates Manager

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

What is this contribution? This contribution allows you to create html templates where you insert names of the product fields, instead of inserting values of the product fields. Content Templates Manager finds field names in the html of the template and replaces them by corresponding values of the product. This allows you to edit fields values of each product on the product administration page in the traditional manner, like you are editing product name, product description etc., instead of searching product data in the html code and pasting there a corresponding values of each product , manually. As a result, you will have dynamic content on the page. You can change html code of the Template when you want and how you want. You can create different Templates for the different groups and types of the product. You will not have to edit php script, or edit each product description for changing html of each product. You will change the Template in one place only. All field values of the product will find their place in the Html code automatically. Content Templates Manager will do this. You will be able to use any existing fields of the product, or add new fields and use them. You will be able to repeat fields in the html of the template how many times you want and place them where you want in the html. Having done this in the template in one place, changes will effect in all products which are linked to this template. This contribution allows you - to create Html templates like the tables, multipage tabs, specification multilayer tabs, beautiful blocks with products data - attributes, specifications, description, etc. After changing template, or creating new template you will not have to edit each product description to make changes there. You will change only template, changes will effect every product which are linked to this template - it allows you to create additional fields of the products, associated with a template or with a several templates, then Content Templates Manager automatically inserts fields values in the Html markup of the template. - allows you to link the product, or group of the products with the template and display the Template on the page. - to create, edit, copy, remove template fields, which actually becomes a field of each product, if product is linked to the template. Compatibility: I'm using this contribution on the osCommerce v2.3 Other versions not tested yet. But should work in many other versions, because the contribution do not changes any other tables in the database and uses only own tables, and the contribution uses very few from the functions of the core script. more details : or forum: