Hack Fix

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

I got slammed by this cPanel exploit and all my stores got nasty iframes, to sites containing a virus, insert into the language files. So i wrote this crude script to go through the store and fix the bad files and hack files which have been uploaded. Very simple to use: Step 1: Backup all your site files (since if you are using this script you have cPanel so go to Cpanel -> Backups and do a full home directory backup. Step 2: Open this file, edit the settings at the top and upload it to your store directory Step 3: Run the file by going to The file may take some time to run depending on how many files you have, when its finished it will tell you have many files/folders were scanned, show the files which were edited and which files were deleted. Feel free to improve or add to the code // Change Log Uploaded 8/14/06