for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

Overview This contribution will do the following:- Turn urls from - (or just have a look at my site Normal - Standerd Sef - to - - or... - or... Requirements !! 1) Your server MUST have the php mod_rewrite module installed !!! (If you are unsure, ask your host) 2) MS2.2 un tested on any other release Notes 1) You can't have two product names the same (or it will only ever show the first one) 2) You can't use any of the following charicters in you product titles, category names or manufacturers names + ' " ( I'm sure there are more that will come up) 3) You can't use any non url charicter in your product titles, category names or manufacturers names e.g. £ © ™ 4) I don't know what contribuitions this will and will not work for - if it works for you then that is cool if it doesn't then uninstall it ! Cedits This contribution was built on top of the SEF LINK TRASFORMER contribuion by Silencer Support This code is supplied "as is" ! It works for me! (but i know the code is a mess !!!) Unfortunatly it has taken me 3 months just to get the time to release it ! I am really busy at the moment and will do what i can to help and will try to keep an eye on the support thread but can not provide support so do not email me about this you can pm but i may not respond (if people want custom work (i will have to charge ) pm me) Support forum thead here-> Sorry if i seem lazy just real busy !! If you like the contrib and would like to buy something from my site that would be cool ;-) Have fun !!! Nimmit (sam)