[Contribution] HTML WYSIWYG Editor for Product Desc, HTML Email, HTML Newsletter and HTML Mainpage + More - MS2 2.2 [Discussion] http://forums.oscommerce.com/viewtopic.php?p=178120 [Screen Shots] This Contribution can be seen on Page 3 at the above forum link. ---------------------------------------------------- WYSIWYG HTML EMAIL, NEWSLETTER, PRODUCT DESC, HOMEPAGE, MS2 2.2 v1.7 ---------------------------------------------------- MODIFIED - UPDATED FOR OSCOMMERCE MS2 2.2 A Full Copy-Paste Solution for Installing HTMLAREA WYSIWYG v1.7 on a Clean MS2 2.2 Installation. (ALSO INCLUDES DETAILED STEP-BY-STEP INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS) The Whole Contribution can be Enabled and Disabled at will via the Admin Individual HTMLAREA's can be Enabled, Disabled, Resized, COLOURED AND TEXT FORMATTED. Advanced and Standard GUI's Options for all HTML Toolbars. Adds Mattice's Popular Define Main Page Contribution.. - Create and Edit your index.php (Home Page) using the WYSIWYG HTMLArea - http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,86 OUT-OF-THE BOX HTML EMAIL - Ready Enabled for use with: - Products Descriptions (HTML) - Send Email (HTML) - Newsletter (HTML) - NEW! Define Main Page (HTML) OTHER USE'S - CATEGORY DESCIPTIONS (HTML) - INFORMATION PAGES UNLIMITED(HTML) - UNLIMITED USAGE... Added Support of osCommerce stylesheet.css - Use osCommerce CCS Style Sheet Class Tags in descriptions - Also ALLOWS External Preview with osCommerce Custom Style Sheets Includes Features: - Upload Images Directly Into your Products, Categories, Email, Newsletter Descriptions. - Upload Files for Customer Download, Creates a Direct Download Link in Products, Categories, Email, Newsletter Descriptions - Manage Your IMAGES with Ease, Create, Delete, Organaise, Rename FOLDERS and Upload IMAGES *Requires FULL READ - WRITE ACCESS to IMAGE DIR - Manage Your FILES with Ease, Create, Delete, Organaise, Rename FOLDERS and Upload FILES *Requires FULL READ - WRITE ACCESS to DOWNLOAD DIR - Supports predifined *Custom FORMATED Text Functions for repetitve tasks, example: Email Intro's and Signatures. ADDITIONALs: - FULL MULTILINGUAL COMPATIBILITY - WORKS WITH SSL AND SECURE SERVER This Contribution ALSO Allows for COPYING and PASTING of READY FORMATTED TEXT, IMAGES and PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONS TO BE PASTED Directly into the WYSIWYG Editor - From Microsoft WORD, Microsoft FRONTPAGE, EMAILS, WEB PAGES and basically anything in RTF. A Perfect Solution for ready formatted item description intergration in osCommerce. 1. System Requirements ---------------------------------------------------- - osCommerce MS2 2.2 ---------------------------------------------------- - PHPMyAdmin or Other SQL Database Import Tool ---------------------------------------------------- - Internet Explorer 5.5 or Above (IE 5.5) ---------------------------------------------------- ************* *..WARNING..* ************* IT IS STRONGLY SUGGESTED TO MAKE A BACK-UP OF THESE FILES FIRST ** Whenever Importing any new SQL files to your Database ALWAYS do a FULL DATABASE EXPORT first: include STRUCTURE, DATA and DROPTABLE - this enables a quick restore alternative if errors do occurer, I have assigned configuration_group_id to 112 to avoid any possible conflicts with other contributions. Use Contributions at your own Risk.