JcM Call for Price Phoenix V1.0

for osCommerce Online Merchant vPhoenix 1.0

******NOTE THIS WILL OVERWRITE STOCK FILES******** DO NOT USE IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO DO THAT. DESCRIPTION: Updated to get "Call for Price" working on Phoenix. Specials must never be £0.00.! CREDITS: Updated by JcMagpie for Phoenix 05-08-2019 Based on this. Easy_Call_2.3.1v1.1.1 Tim Elam for this original contribution. • GNA’s post at http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=97743 • everyone who contributed to the “Call for Pricing / Negotiable Pricing” contribution. INSTALLATION: No requirement to edit files. Simply backup and install files as provided. Some are new others overwrite old files! So BACKUP Once files have been copied over go to admin/Modules/content remove Price- product_info module ( ******must remove not just turn to false!*****) Install product_info module- Call for Price (arrange sort order to suite your page layout) That's it. Any product with £0.00 will have price replaced with "Call for Price" text. Buy now button removed from product listing on index and add to cart button removed from product info page. Has been tested on Phoenix V1.0.1.1 only. Can be seen working on my custom test site NOTE: This is NOT the official test site