Shopping Cart as Tooltip

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

Quite a misnoner for the title, this is actually a popup div that shows when a product is added to the cart. Anyway, I've kept the name so that people can find it easily if they've used it before. Just changed the formatting for osCommerce 2.3. Only tested (and working) on osCommerce version What it does: ******** This contribution shows a cart layer on product_info.php, when the customer klicks the ADD TO CART button. The layer contains following information: - 1 product has been added to your shopping cart - list of all products in cart - sum of all products - button CONTINUE SHOPPING (closes the layer) - button SHOW CART (link to shopping_cart-php) - button CHECKOUT (link to checkout_shipping.php) This is very easy to install, only 2 files has to be changed, no databank changes. /********************************/ /* IMPORTANT NOTES */ /********************************/ This addon only works if "Display Cart After Adding Product" in Admin/Configuration/My Store is set to false