Extra pages-info box w/ admin for OSC2.3

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

Re upload it to the corresponding category is not of my authorship, only added to the package file to solve parse errors occurring in the admin. ******************* Do you need an "About Us" page? Maybe a "Company News" page that needs updating? Now you can make as many as you want with the links in 1 new Information Box. This contribution allows you to create and manage new pages (like Shipping or Conditions) on the fly. It also creates a new box that holds the page names which are links to those pages. In Admin, you click new, enter a title and the page text or HTML. You can Add, Edit, Delete pages as well as turn them on and off with Status. When you create a new page, the link in the box appears automatically! If you delete a page or turn it off with Status, the link in the box disappears automatically! Very simple to use!