Version V0.6 - updated February 09 2003 Read previous version description for complete list of functionalities let us know if any problems during install Fixed several bugs in several admin maintenance screens + updated format in catalog/account_history_info.php shows only tracking number link if tracking number & carrier name is entered + Added in admin ability to send an additional email with specific instructions (we use it for growing tips and we send it after sending the email including the shipping info but the document text can be modified through admin interface , thus you can include whatever you want: download info, warranty......) There is now drop-down box allowing admin to create several documents through maintenance screen. when in shipping admin template, admin can select the document he wants to email + added possibility to select for each item a supplier via admin interface. Added supplier admin screen. -> fixed several bugs in templates + Added new report to show items to be ordered from supplier (this way it is easier to do purchase order) -> fixed several bugs in templates + added items sold report: (this report allows to browse the products sold by item name and with a link goes diretly to the order) -> fixed several bugs in templates + added functionality to add a cost and weight at the attribute level (to be fully functional, you would need to need the shopping_cart class, contact us for details. mainly useful if your attributes do not have same size or weight. in our case we sell a plant in different size: 1gal, 2 gal.... and thus cost and weight varies at product attribute level and not at item level, allows to calculate accurately shipping cost for order) -> fixed several bugs in templates + modified admin/spg_shipping.php to fill out automatically, for all orders placed online, the dates and payment type. -> fixed several bugs in templates + create an order margin analysis based on actual cost, sale price and actual shipping cost compared to calculated shipping cost, gives Profit margin info . (info is saved and will be used later in a report to show profit margin for each order.)