Facebook Login

for osCommerce Online Merchant v3.0

1. Copy the following files in Catalog Directory ./osCommerce/OM/Core/Site/Shop/FacebookConnect.php ./osCommerce/OM/Core/Site/Shop/Module/Service/FacebookConnect.php ./osCommerce/OM/Core/Site/Shop/Application/Account/pages/login.php ./osCommerce/OM/Core/Site/Admin/Module/Service/FacebookConnect.php ./osCommerce/OM/Core/Site/Admin/languages/en_US/modules/Service/FacebookConnect.php 2.After copying it you need to install for the same you need to follow following process: A. Go to Admin B. Select Administration-> Modules-> Services c. click button "install" D. Choice from modules list "Facebook Connect" e. click to button "install" 3. That's it.