THIS IS FOR XML FILES ONLY! The purpose of this contribution is so that you can keep your product prices and quantities in stock updated correctly so that they match with your supplier. It will NOT add new products to your database. This contribution can make the procedure of updating your prices and quantities automatic by using a cron job. If you need to or choose to, you can do it manually through your browser as well if a cron job is not a option available to you. The frequency of the cron job may be set to run as often as your supplier updates their prices and quantities or that your host allows. The manual option can also be ran as often as your supplier updates their file or that your host allows as well. Whether you choose the automatic or manual method, if your host has strict usage limits you probably shouldn't run this file more than every 15 minutes. This contribution has the capability to adjust the suppliers prices using a markup percentage that you set. To use this feature, it is required to have a markup column in the categories table of your database. It also has the capability to limit prices to the MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) per manufacturer requirements. To use this feature as well, it is required to have a products_map column in the products table of your database.