PayPal Express Checkout for Discount and Extra Fee Order Total Modules 28 of June 2013 by Bernhard Bauer and raiwa *************************************** Post questions in the forum: or contact me: @raiwa in the OsCommerce forum *************************************** Version for Mobile OSC 6.0 included here: Contribution support 2.3 *************************************** This will include discount and extra fee quantities to the PayPal payment. The included file will work for the following Order Total modules: ot_loworderfee included in standard OsCommerce 2.2. and 2.3. Stores Quantity Discounts by That Software Guy (OSC 2.3.) or Quantity Discounts by That Software Guy (OSC 2.2. Discount Code v3.1 (OSC 2.2.) or (OSC 2.3.) Make sure to have the original Add-Ons installed to your OS-Commerce shop before you try to use this modified express.php module. This PayPal Express Checkout module can be modified to work with other Order Total modules too. Instructions included.