Official Pricerunner Product Feed

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

Official Pricerunner Product Feed Version: 1.0.5 Get your product catalog listed on Pricerunner with this new official plugin from Pricerunner. Pricerunner is a service that compares product prices from 5000+ webshops across Denmark, Sweden, France, Germany, Austria, and the UK. Increase your sales and online visibility by feeding your product catalog to the Pricerunner comparison service in 5 easy steps. You can find more information about Pricerunner here: Min osCommerce version: 2.2 Max Prestashop version: 2.3.4 If you're using a heavily modified osCommerce version use at own risk. License: Mozilla Public License Version 2.0 License URI: ****************** Compatilibilty: This Add-On has been tested on the following versions: OsCommerce Online Merchant 2.2 RC1 OsCommerce Online Merchant 2.2 RC2a OsCommerce Online Merchant 2.3.1 OsCommerce Online Merchant OsCommerce Online Merchant 2.3.4 This Add-On has *NOT* been tested with any third party Add-Ons. If you are using a heavily modified osCommerce installation use at your own risk. ****************** Feed test suite: When the module is enabled you can see a list of product errors and warnings. Open the test suite with the "Check for errors" button. Please note this page can be very slow if you have many products. Once the page is loaded you'll be presented with a list of all errors and warnings. Errors will exclude the product from the feed but warnings will not.