RMI Barcode

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

== Incomplete : it all works, except getting the client component to get events from the scanner == This contribution allows the use of a barcode scanner in osCommerce. The contribution includes a user guide, which describes the changes to do to osCommerce, and how to install RMI Barcode RMI Barcode includes 2 Java programs, called the client and server components. The server component is an applet included in osCommerce pages where the scanner can be used. It recieves events from the client component, and then redirects the page with the scanned code in the url. The client component runs on the computer where the scanner is connecter. It catches events from the scanner, then sends them to the registered server component. The client component is incomplete, you will need to make it actually recieve events from the scanner. Currently, it's only a simulator, a panel with buttons that act as if a code was scanned. The client component is the only thing incomplete, everything else works perfectly.