BTS addons

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

Five contributions for the BTS in one package. Only usefull if you have the BTS installed! I tested these BTS addons (1-4) on the BTSv1.2, but I expect (most of it) to work on older versions also. New: 1) Easy_NewPagesv1.0_BTS Existing contributions adapted for the BTS: 2) categories_description_MS2_1.5_BTSv1.2 original at:,1373 3) login+account_box_BTSv1.2 (as "Login Box w/My Account" heavily modded, default result the same, more flexible) original at:,590 4) CategoryBoxEnhancement_v1.1_BTSv1.2 original at:,1480 I found this one at the last moment, I did not change or add or test anything about it, it only seemed logic to me to include it. 5) new_bts_login =,1713