Simple Template System (STS). The Simple Template System (STS) lets you create simple HTML templates to customize the look and feel of OSC. Simply create an HTML page that looks the way you want it to and put in placeholders for the various elements wherever you want to position them. Below is a link to a sample Template page that generates a page similar to the default OSC settings. It uses bordered tables to help visually lay out the page and debug the output. In a production template, you can hide the borders, add more stylesheet formatting, etc. For example, you would put "$cartbox" wherever on the page you want the Shopping Cart box to appear. Put "$categorybox" where you want the Categories box to appear. Put "$content" wherever you want the main page content (the central part where all the magic happens) to appear, etc. It does this by changing only a few /catalog/includes/ files, leaving all other files untouched, making it easy to add other contributions later. Information, questions and comments about STS should be posted to this thread, to provide a simple method of tracking and to make sure I actually get notified of your message (I don't lurk here much). This was designed to be simple enough for even newbie webmasters to be able to set up in a couple minutes. I hope you will find this helpful. - Brian Gallagher Designed for 2.2MS2, but will probably work for any of them.