OSC Socializer v1.0

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

Share your product pages with social bookmarking. I know there are a bunch of these out there. I looked around, and didn't like the look of most plugins. addthis.com is a good site, but they track user stats/data, if your like me and don't like sending people off to other sites, or having multiple popups, or having to advertise other sites, then this is for you. I think it has the same look and feel to addthis.com, but it is different. Basically, a user clicks the share button and a nice menu will fade in (using mootools), they can then select which social site they want to share the page with, OR they can even email a link of the page to a friend. Great way to share and get yourself noticed. Tested, works great! Support/Discussion: