Linked Products

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This contribution is built on top of: * osCommerce 2.2rc2a * "Product Types" Contribution - (included in installation) Product Types is used as base, to seperate the Main and Linked products This allows us to Link Products (and Types) together, and display/use them in various ways: * When displaying a product with Linked Products, a 2nd (Linked) Product Listing can be displayed. * When clicking one of the linked products in the 2nd (Linked) Product Listing, a 2nd (Linked) Product Info can be displayed. * Linking the products can be both ways (Show either product in the other product's Linked Product Listing and Product Info) Things can also easily be setup to work one way. * The Products can then be bought seperately, both at the same time, or with checkboxes in the Linked Product Listing This last option (checkboxes) allows us to add multiple products at the same time (with or without the main product). Actually, I wrote this contribution after using the contribution "Master Products" for quite a while. I found "Master Products" to be overly complicated and very difficult to use or merge alongside other contributions. Using this "Linked Products" contibution together with the "Product Types" contribution, you'll get a lot of the same functionality as the "Master Products" contribution. The Support Thread can be found here: