Bulk Mail Engine

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

Bulk Mail Engine This program sends newsletters in the newsletter manager to the customer list at a controlled rate of 'email per seconds'. This rate can be set by the user. For example, if the rate is set to '8', the program mails 1 email per 8 seconds, or 480 emails /hour. The purpose is to allow shop owners with small to medium size mailing lists to accomplish bulk mailings directly from the database on shared host environments without exceeding website email limits. The Bulk Mail Engine opens a small control panel in the Newsletter manager. You select a newsletter, and from the control panel choose 'test' or 'send'. Next, select the customer grouping and initiate the mailing. The panel display a progress count, and has controls for pausing, halting and/or resuming the mailing. The program also writes a report file. Installation requires uploading one file, defining the file in includes/filenames.php, placing one line of instruction in the admin/newsletter.php file, and addition of language text to the main language file. Screenshots can be seen at www.epishire.com