Heatmaps by NotifyVisitors

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

* Clicks Heatmap Reports : Now get to know where visitors are clicking on your page ,so that your page content could be improved * Scrolling Heatmap Reports : Comes with the data which shows how much the average is scrolling upon your page * Mouse Hover Reports : Report showing where the users are spending more time on the web page * Realtime Analytics : All the reports are updated with realtime data or a maximum delay of 1 minute * Multiple Domain Usage : Notify visitors believe that one code is enough for all. So, it doesn't matter how many domains you have just put the code and start analyzing * Realtime Webpage : All heatmaps graphs are previewed on the realtime webpages rather than on a screenshot of the web page (provided by other applications) * Dropoff : Now get to know after which field visitor is leaving the form, through our dropoff rate analytics of each field * Submission attempts : Lets you evaluate how many time the user has attempted to submit the form and out of which how many of them are successfull and failed * Field Interaction : Providing data which lets you see which field is getting more or less interactions by the user * Easy configuration : Just add the a custom form name and provide a URL in which the form is present . Now choose which field is to be tracked , that's it * Interaction Time : Provides the average time the user has spent upon each field * Left blanks : See how many times the field is left blank , so that the form could be improved