HTML WYSIWYG Editor For: ------------------------------- Newsletter, email and defining your homepage (index.php) UltraPics for ------------------------------- Adding, deleting and modifying images via your online admin ------------------------------ A Full Copy-Paste Solution for Installing MaxiDVD WYSIWYG and UltraPics on a Clean MS2 2.2 Installation. The Whole Contribution can be Enabled and Disabled at will via the Admin Individual HTMLAREA's can be Enabled, Disabled, Resized, COLOURED AND TEXT FORMATTED. Advanced and Standard GUI's Options for all HTML Toolbars. 1. System Requirements ------------------------------------------------- - osCommerce MS2 2.2 ------------------------------------------------- - PHPMyAdmin or Other SQL Database Import Tool ------------------------------------------------- - Internet Explorer 5.5 or Above (IE 5.5) ------------------------------------------------- MaxiDVD :)