myQBI Quickbooks Sync

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

myQBI Sync lets you import and match Quickbooks items to osCommerce products, and export customer orders in IIF format for Quickbooks. If you already do payment checking, printing invoices and order processing on your admin website, this is all you need to export orders to Quickbooks, no need for external order management software! The contribution works well for shops with 100’s of products and simple mapping from osC products to Quickbooks inventory. For large sites and/or more advanced inventory, attribute, and order management features, please visit for the premium myQBI software. Full Installation and Getting Started notes included. Features: 1- Export orders as sales or invoices as IIF file. Export individual orders or range of orders. 2- Import, manage, delete individual Quickbooks items / accounts. 3- Manual or Automated Mapping of osCommerce product models to Quickbooks inventory items using matching names. 4- Handles attribute matching by appending to the product model (ex: Cup:RED). 5- Handles multiple sales tax regions via mappings. Enable/Disable Sales Tax for Quickbooks. 6- Ability to view & delete imported Quickbooks data (individual or all). Support Thread: