Installation of UK postcodearea shipping module. UK postcodes are split into two character sets, this module does a search against the first section of the postcode which is stored in your mysql database and matches it against the delivery zone charges for your carrier. To process the postcode it must be in the correct format and separated by a space. The easiest way to correctly format the customers postcode is to use the UK postcode checking module and this is bundled here (form_check.js.php). These mods format the postcode correctly then search the first bit of the code against the mysql database (derived from data supplied by our carrier APC) and then returns this delivery area and looks up against the table rates inputted through admin. About a dozen zones for whole of UK so very manageable (compare 3000 postcode entries in database). You'll find two sets of shipping files - a nextday delivery module configured for current (Dec 06) ANC carrier rates from England and Wales and a next day before noon option which has more restricted options for delivery. All seem to be running smoothly