The Admin Specials by Categories for SPPC contribution. The original contribution is Admin Specials by Categories by Carine Bruyndoncx (,3142). Since Separate Pricing Per Customer (,716) adds customer groups in the mix, it needed some changes to work with SPPC. Version 1.0 is based on version 1.4 of Carine. What it does was described by Carine: This contribution allows you to: * List products (alphabetically) for selected category and customer group, displaying the special price and implied discount. When a customer group other than retail is used, it will also show whether a group price was present or not. * Add a % discount to all products in selected category/customer group * Add, change or remove a special price for an individual product in the selected category and customer group. * Use 'i' to indicate special price for an individual product is tax inclusive The support thread is located at: