osC FireFox ConQueries

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This contribution customizes your Firefox context-menu adding short-cuts for a number of frequent catalog maintenance tasks so that you can go straight into the admin for editing the items/page you are looking at from the catalog side. This contribution makes use of the ConQuery Firefox extension in order to add a menu item to rightclick menu. ConQuery allows you to take pieces from your current webpage and pass this as parameter to another website/webservice. So it has defined interfaces to query google, yahoo, ebay etc. There is an online repository with samples. Following searchplugin files are provided in this pack. 1) osCeditCat.cqr - Edit current top level category 2) osCeditManufacturer.cqr - Edit currently shown manufacturer 3) osCeditProduct.cqr - Edit current product 4) osCeditProductAttr.cqr - Edit product attributes (Using New Products Manager contribution) 5) osCeditSubCat.cqr - Edit current category (when category is a subcategory eg cPath=10_20) 6) osCeditSubSubCat.cqr - Edit current category (when category is a subsubcategory eg cPath=10_20_30) 7) osCsetFeaturedProduct.cqr - Set Featured flag for product (Using wolfen featured sets contribution) 8) osCunsetFeaturedProduct.cqr - Unset featured flag for product (Using wolfen featured sets contribution), this shows also how to fine tune a conquery to allow other options. (hold CTRL and click to get dialog screen) 9) osCspecialsCat.cqr - Maintain specials for current category (Using Admin Specials by Category contribution) 10) osCspecialsSubCat.cqr - Maintain specials for current subcategory (Using Admin Specials by Category contribution) Enjoy ! Carine aka CalimerOss