Oscommerce to Odoo

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

I hope this add on will be interesting for you To use this add on, you must have oscommerce installed !!! Odoo intalled Odoo (ex OpenErp) is an OpenSource ERP developped in python / postgresql. You can use for a litlle company or a big company Oscommerce to Odoo is an add on to connect by webservice in xml rpc Oscommerce to Odoo. The websevice is only one way Oscommerce to Odoo. The otherway must be develpped in python (if there someone know this language, it will be top to have two way oscommerce -> odoo and odoo->oscommerce). Oscommerce can manage odoo in different way: catalog create account by customer account modification by customer address modification by customer admin customer modification by admin product creation or modification by admin invoice fo accounting by odoo (I hope) All these elements can be done 1- Odoo_oscommerce_config is the configuration file 2 - Others files will be add with a readme inside I ll' publish the add on when I finish one. Note : Can use for all osc version, I think Link forum : http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/398225-odoo-oscommerce/