Contribution support 1.0 for iOSC 5.x

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This contribution support is in addition to contribution iOSC 5.x which you should download here and install first. This has been separated from the main contribution iOSC 3.0(5.1) to make updates and maintenance easier. Anyone who integrated other contributions to the mobile version iOSC is invited to add his solutions to this package. * Support for the following contributions for the mobile version iOSCv5.x are included in this package: ***Make shure you have the original contributions installed to your OS-Commerce shop before you install these.*** - Ask a Product Question 2.4.1 - More Pics 2.0.7 Combined - osCommerce Google Analytics module GA2.21 - Discount Code - osCommerce Google Analytics module GA2.21 - Ship In Cart v2.2.2a - ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media - based on: Add Back buttons to the checkout process (independent installation on mobile site) - customer Must Accept Terms and Conditions (MATC) addon (this is the version which was before included in IOSC 4.x) Additions for iOSC 5.x Version 1.0 by: raiwa - Rainer Schmied see these additions on my live shop: comments, suggestions and bug reports very welcome