for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

The STS-for-the-BTS is targetted at users that have the BTS pre-installed but, for whatever reason :'( , would rather use the STS to edit or add their template(s). First (and maybe last ;) ) version, so please beware of bugs and backup before installation! Please note that I'm not an STS user myself, I really don't know much about the STS, I only copied and pasted its code to make it easy to install on top of the BTSv1.5f (installing on other BTSv1.5, and even older, verions should be quite easy too). Surely it's possible some or several STS features won't work as they should or even won't work at all (as I don't know how the STS should work I really would not know). B.t.w. only basic php knowledge is required to do the same, and more, using the BTS as is possible with the STS. Feedback welcome, but please don't ask me anything about the STS itself! feedback: