Edit Pages Via Admin Created for osCommerce 2.3 and up This add-on will enable you to edit the page content from your admin side, removing the need to edit them via FTP. A quick and convenient method enabling you to get on with more important things, like running your business In addition to these files, shipping.php conditions.php privacy.php The contact_us.php page has an area added for you to edit via admin. This add on is multi language compatible There two different types of this add-on available A version that has CKEditor and the KCfinder file manager bundled allowing you to edit in HTML insert pictures, and format text as WYSIWYG A version that has a simple TEXTAREA box where you can enter your own HTML code (like add a product description box). There are also two different installation methods. Full file set required, just upload and edit. (Suits a new / unmodified site) New files and then edit existing files. (Suits a modified site) You only need to decide which you would like on your site, and then install it. Installation will take around 20 minutes max, and is not particularly difficult to do. The addon moves the information from file to Database, and is a total rewrite of my earlier Edit pages add on for osCommerce 2.2xx versions which can be found here http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/7255