Printable Catalog V3.0 MS2

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

Printable Catalog V3.0 MS2 ------------ WHAT IS IT? ------------ This will allow your clients to print a catalog from your site that will have: image, category, name, model, upc(if you have add-on), weight, quantity, and price with a currency selection pull down for customer convenience. You can set the number of products listed before your page break kicks in. You can sort by category, name, model, upc, weight, quantity, and price. All fields will be turned on or off by the admin section: admin->configuration->Product Listing Turning to 0 will make sure the column for that heading does not show up. Turning to greater than 1 will make it so the column for that heading does show up. You can also set the number of products that are displayed per page break look at line 243 in the catalog/catalog_products_with_images.php and adjust as needed. PS. Donations accepted ........whats $5/$10 donation going to hurt when you can save so much $$$$ on catalog printing costs.