Credits: Original version: By Version 2.0 for oscommerce-2.2rc2a here: Version 2.0 for oscommerce-2.3.1: By raiwa see installation at: (oscommerce-2.2rc2a base installation upgraded to oscommerce-2.3.1) What does this version do: It will display the following below the price on each page/module you install the code: 1. If the tax value of the displayed price is = 0: Shows: "VAT excl." or any other text you define in the language file 2. If the tax value of the displayed price is not = 0: Shows: "XX% VAT incl." or any other text you define in the language file Where XX is the value of the tax in percentage as defined in admin/tax rates Note: For other languages/uses its possible to define a text string before the tax rate and another after the tax rate: Example: for german it will look like this: "inkl. XX % MwSt." How it works: The old version displayed the text string "incl. tax" if "display prices with tax" was set to "true" in admin. This got wrong text showing for products with no tax and destination zones for which no tax was defined if the client logged in. This version checks if the tax rate of the actually displayed price is = 0. So it should display (couldn't test any imaginable combination) always the correct text string including the amount of the tax rate for any combination of different tax rates for different products and destination zones. What does these instructions include: Installation on the following pages, modules and boxes: catalog/product_info.php catalog/products_new.php catalog/specials.php catalog/includes/modules/new_products.php catalog/includes/modules/product_listing.php catalog/includes/boxes/specials.php catalog/includes/boxes/whats_new.php Language files: catalog/includes/languages/english.php catalog/includes/languages/german.php catalog/includes/languages/espanol.php For add-on: "Optional Related Products 4.0", catalog/includes/modules/optional_related_products.php Note: Only add the code to the pages/modules/boxes where you wants the text to appear. Except the language files, every file modification is optional. There are no new files, only intallation instructions included, you have to modify existing files.