JcM Custom Store Info Box CEBS4/3

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

A simple add-on to let you place a Custom Box onto your site. It can be used as you like, it can be customized in admin. It is provided with a default setting for 2 main function and called “Latest Updates” but you can call it what you like just change the name in admin. 1) it has a vertical scrolling marque set up so you can display information to your customers. You can edit the messages and settings in admin. 2) It has all the store information displayed below the marque. This saves a lot of space at the base as you will not need the footer. It makes use of the bootstrap modal to show the information in a popup modal. Again all the info can be edited in admin and will not interfere with the stock info. Again totally standalone with no core code change. Simply copy all files into relevant sections and go to admin modules /box's and install. Has been tested on CE BS4 and CE BS3 only. Use the right files for your site. Enjoy.