Auto SSL Links

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

Auto SSL Links Created by Art Main (OSC user: amseek - This mod will automatically change any src= links and forms to https:// when the page is on a secure connection thus making sure your visitor's browser does not complain about having both secure and non-secure elements. Some browsers (ie Firefox) also require that a secure page's included elements (images, css files, etc) be securely delivered (https://) as well before treating your secure page as completely valid. This mod will automatically changes OSC (or addon) images (any call to tep_image()) (has additional check so it handles both relative and full urls) and forms (calls to tep_draw_form()) to be secured connections. If you are using STS, it also provides a mechanism so you can dynamically change any images or other elements needed that are part of your template file(s). Hope this helps! :) Note: This addon makes changes based on what I've seen my browser complain about for full SSL validation, but is by no means garaunteed to be a fix-all for SSL validation problems. If you know of any other fixes that should be added to this mod, pleas submit them! :)