Estimated Shipping Costs

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

As I haven't been able to find a contribution since I started with osC which could give an estimate shipping cost to the customer before checkout and I really wanted such thing, especially for my foreign customers, I developed this (infobox) module. Please bare with me as I am still very much learning osC and PHP every day I work with it ! What it does: This contribution will add an infobox to your osCommerce shop which shows the estimated shipping costs to the customer. It will show as soon as the customer adds a product to his shopping cart and (re)calculate the estimated shipping costs. As it is based on the checkout shipping page the calculated shipping costs will be accurate and not really an estimate. At this stage only country based shipping costs information can be shown ! Alternatively you can show the estimated shipping cost module in your mainpage instead as a left, or right, column infobox. The module will disable itself once the customer reaches the checkout shipping page. Installation instructions and language files in Dutch and English are provided. I have added a picture to the package to show how it will look. A live example can be seen in my webshop.