This is compatible with oscommerce 2.2 and 2.3 and 2.3.1 You must have Ultimate SEO URLs 5 or Ultimate SEO URLs 5 Pro Information about this contribution: ************* PROBLEM **************** Product: Running Shoes In Categories: Red Shoes Blue Shoes The issue occurs when you create a product in let's say Red Shoes and link it in Blue Shoes. When a customer is browsing the category Blue Shoes and goes to the product Running Shoes, the bread crumb trail and the menu on the left hand side is highlighted as Red Shoes. This is because the product resides in the category of Red Shoes. Accurate to an extent, but the idea of bread crumb is to show the user how he/she got there. ************* SOLUTION **************** With this small addition, which checks for referers, will work 97% of the time based on some stats I picked up on some webmaster blogs and forums. For the remainder 3% it won't work but you have nothing to loose. Search Keywords: Breadcrumb, Bread Crumb