This Add-On will make the Checkout Process look smoother with jQuery animated transitions for all pages, created with the jQuery Easing Plugin. No more ugly & slow page refreshes! The Checkout Process will also be faster since only the necessary content will be loaded with the help of Ajax. - Support for and tested on osCommerce 2.3.3 - Tested successfully on Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari - Compatible with jQuery 2.0.2 - Loads next page with Ajax (e.g. checkout_payment.php) and then animates it to slide in with an easing effect added to it. - "New Shipping & Billing Address" pages will use a cool transition. - The Checkout Progress Bar will now animate the progress as it was meant to do. It will also be absolutely positioned and animated to drop/rise to fit the size of your checkout pages. - Back buttons is now added to the checkout_shipping, checkout_payment & checkout_confirmation pages so if the customer wants to go back he/she doesn't have to redo the entire tiresome process.