AJAX Single Page Checkout

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

AJAX Single page checkout for OsCommerce Introduction This contribution will add an alternative way for your customers to checkout: a new single page AJAX-driven checkout procedure to your Oscommerce store. New alternative AJAX checkout page loads dynamic content instantly, while customer selects shipping and payment methods, change delivery or billing address without slow whole page reloading. For example, if customer selects shipping method, only shipping area of the page is modified leaving the rest of the page as is. This speeds up the whole checkout process, and customers is presented with a nice user-friendly interface to complete checkout on your store. AJAX checkout for OsCommerce is using shipping and payment methods from your OsCommerce store, just as in a usual checkout. So all your enabled shipping and supported payment modules will be available in AJAX checkout. Review AJAX Checkout for OsCommerce features: * Full support for ALL OsCommerce shipping modules * Standard OsCommerce features like FREE SHIPPING, STOCK CHECK, ALLOW STOCK CHECKOUT are supported * Virtual downloadable products are supported * Basic Payment modules like Cash on Delivery, Bank Transfer and PayPal are supported * Authorize.Net payment module is supported * AJAX checkout interface - no more whole page reloading * New customers instant registration is available and existing customers will be able to login and checkout * Instant shipping and payment modules selection using AJAX * Instant delivery and billing address selection and adding a new address is available using AJAX * All javascript form validation scripts (creating account, shipping & billing addresses, modules etc) are available * Dynamic shopping cart restoration for registered users using AJAX * All order total modules from OsCommerce are supported