I take no credit for this modification, all I have done is take the Contact-Us page from the Anti-Hacker-account-Mods by Spooks and made it work on 2.3.1. I hate looking at Contact Us Pages that only contain a web-based enquiry form, I like to know who and where the shop is. This change will provide a more professional look to the stock OSC Contact Us page, with enhanced functions. What It does: The Enhanced Contact Us page provides more information to the customer, such as Store Address, Telephone Number, Opening Hours, Anticipated Response Times Etc. (tailor these in the language files) Also, if the customer is logged in to their account, it pre-populates their email address and allows them to select a previous order to enquire about from a drop-down box. The email that is sent to the store contains the originators IP address, Date and time etc. Easy Installation - 1 New File + 2 Language file additions. Screen shot included. Please feel free to Improve on this - but please only post Full Packages.