Admin Machine Auto Login

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

Overview -------- I made this addon because while developing my site, I hated having to continually re-login every time my session would time out while I was working on some code or when coming back from a short break. This mod made things just a teeny bit simpler and faster. This addon adds auto-login functionality to your admin section by way of a "Remember Me" checkbox on the admin login screen. Its functionality works by setting a cookie on your machine with your username and the encrypted version of your password. THIS ADDON IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR A LIVE SITE THIS ADDON IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR A LIVE SITE THIS ADDON IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR A LIVE SITE Although the cookie on your machine only stores the encrypted version of your password, any auto-logon script especially for an admin area is INHERENTLY INSECURE. Also, because the cookie is stored on your machine, ANYONE ELSE using your machine could be automatically logged in as well, not to mention the ability to view your browser's cookies and retrieve the information there. I assume there is probably a way for hackers to get into your cookies somehow as well, but I'm just assuming that. Regardless, using this script on any site that has any sensitive data (such as your customers' information) is done AT YOUR OWN RISK. It hopefully goes without saying: I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGES OR PROBLEMS THAT MAY OCCUR ON YOUR SITE WITH THE USE OF THIS SCRIPT. Hopefully, I've added enough warnings about using this script that you will use it appropriately. If anybody else out there would like to improve the security on this script, please feel free to submit any revisions or improvements.