Credit Card Number Encryption ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you want to secure your customers' credit card numbers, then you need this contribution. As a online store owner, the increasing issues of securing customers' online data is at its highest ever. This is my little contribution to the cause. During the past few months of reviewing and testing various encryption methods contributed to the forum at osCommerce web site. I believe this contribution will and should help a lot of osCommerce Users. Emmeth Funches 062906 JTH Computer Systems Protions Copyright (c) 2006 by JTH Computer Systems Released under the GNU General Public License Protions Copyright (c) 2003 osCommerce osCommerce, Open Source E-Commerce Solutions Released under the GNU General Public License JTH Computer Systems Special thanks to: Alexander Valyalkin posted original script on on 30-Jun-2004 01:41 Below is MD5-based block cypher (MDC-like), which works in 128bit CFB mode. It is very useful to encrypt secret data before transfer it over the network. $iv_len -- initialization vector's length. -PLEASE READ-IMPORTANT INFO ABOUT FUNCTIONS FOUND IN EN_DE_CRYPT.PHP------------------------ functions: md5_encrypt($plain_text, $password, $iv_len = 16) -and- md5_decrypt($enc_text, $password, $iv_len = 16) JTH Computer Systems notes and warnings: If you pass a value to the $iv_len please remember the value or store it somewhere, else you will not be able to decrypt the information. I suggest just using the default value of 16. The same goes for the variable $password, its value should not change after first use. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MUST READ!!!! 1) VERY IMPORTANT -- PLEASE -- PLEASE -- MAKE A BACKUP OF CODING AND DATA -- 2) The INCLUDES FOLDER contains A ORIGINAL osCommerce layout of the CONFIGURE.PHP with additional lines required for the encryption process. Be careful not to overwrite you vaild copy of this file. 3) If you are just installing a new copy of osCommerce 2.2ms2-051113, then you can just copy the changed files directly to your folder. Note: Do not Copy the CONFIGURE.PHP. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------