PayPal Fee V2

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

"PayPal Fee V2" is an order total module that adds PayPal charges based on your settings (set in Admin > Modules > Order Total > PayPal Fee). English and French languages support. NB : If "Display Prices with Tax" is set to "true", total is displayed Excl. VAT. If it is set to "false", total is displayed Incl. VAT (Admin > Configuration > My Store). IMPORTANT: Works only with PayPal Standard solution. 1.Copy the folder catalog to the folder catalog of your store. 2.Then enter to the Admin and, from the left menu, go to "Modules -> Order total -> Install module" 3.Select from the list "Paypal Fee" and, from the rigth menu click the "Install Module" button. 4.Then you just have to define the parameters and save. --------------------------------------------------- Afficher les frais PayPal Afficher le module? true false Frais fixes PayPal Montant des frais fixes PayPal. 0.35 Frais variables PayPal (%) Commission Paypal en % sur le montant total. 2.9 Classe de taxe Utilisez la classe de taxe suivante: Ordre de tri Ordre de tri pour l'affichage (Le plus petit nombre est montré en premier). --------------------------------------------------- With these options, you can apply the same rules than those imposed by PayPal. NB: This module supports : - "Order Editor" modules (, - "TVA Intracommunautaire" module ( PS: Osc v2.2, v2.3 and upper versions supported (v2.3.4BS too)