This contribution adds some extra umpf to the product listing and product info pages, the default ones while OK are a little bland so I have spiced them up a bit, Product_listing.php added a short description with a buy now and more details buttons, also added code to display the manufacturer and QTY (if this is not set under admin >> configuration >> product listing it will not show) added some more eye-catching formatting styles, Product_info.php added a lot of extra bits here, the layout I have changed and added images etc to make it look more inviting to your customers added light box to the popup image added social bookmarking to the actual page rather than it being called from a separate file. made more dynamic, of the following if there are none they will not show o Model o Attributes o Web page link PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU BACK UP BEFORE YOU USE for a limited time you can see it in action at screen shots are included with the docs.