Google Duplicate Content Manager Version 1.0 alpha What is it for? Google webmaster tools is currently showing duplicate title/descriptions caused by basic oscommerce functions. This script intends to both remove the duplicates then prevent reoccurance. The URL I want indexed .. /my-great-product-c-47.html Duplicates: - /my-great-product-c-47.html?page=2&sort=2a /my-great-product-c-47.html?page=3&sort=3d /my-great-product-c-47.html?language=en /my-great-product-c-47.html?currency=GBP ad infinitum. There are two modes available: $IhaveDuplicateContent = true; Exists to remove duplicate titles and descriptions from Google by adding relevant text to the front of title/description/keywords creating a unique page. $IhaveDuplicateContent = false; Exists to prevent duplicates occuring in the first instance. NOTE: This service does not cater for duplicate links caused by the creation of duplicate cPaths by adding a category to multiple parents. This is a point for future discussion. Other Settings: Turn service On/Off Array of $_GET variables to react to. Installation: Very simple to install: Upload one class file. Add a line to the bottom of application_top.php add 1 line above the code that prints your meta in index.php (and potentially other files) add 2 lines below the code that prints your meta in index.php. Done. Test Before You Add/Change any Files: Included is a standalone test file that you can simply upload to your server .. call it directly and it will give instructions on how to test. Support: