Fast Easy Cross-Sell

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This osCommerce contribution makes it fast and easy to display products related to the currently-displayed product. Features include: Administrator side: Administrator can easily type in product model numbers to find the product for which you want cross sells, rather than browsing page by page through potentially hundreds or thousands of products Administrator can easily and quickly add cross sell products to that product by typing their product model numbers Administrator can immediately see which products are already cross sells for that product Administrator can easily and quickly delete existing cross sells per product Tool checks if cross sell products are active before letting Administrator add them Tool loads and works quickly because only one database table is used, product images are not displayed, and only the searched-for product is shown at one time Catalog side: Cross sell products display immediately, unless site caching is turned on If site caching is turned on, it caches the cross sell products per page to reduce overhead Thanks go to other contributions, like the X-Sells Contribution, which this is partly based on, and for which I have expanded and hopefully made simpler and more efficient to use. Matt