Modal Info Popup Layer - for Phoenix

for osCommerce Online Merchant vPhoenix 1.0

If you want your customers to take note of certain informations, there is one way to make them aware by using a pop-up window or a layer. This contrib uses a jquery popup layer for this purpose. When a customer enters the shop the first time, a info popup layer is once laid over the page - regardless on which site the customer enters the shop. The individual messages can be created via a pop-up manager as plain text, html-text or graphics in the admin area.There you can also specify a start and an expiration date for the display of messages. Based on And And All credits to De Dokta and Mikepo. Updated for use with Phoenix v1.0.3.0. Footerscript Hooked in. No core files changed. No existing files will be overwritten. Bugfix: Modals deactivatable. German translation re-added.