FedEx Automated Labels

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

## FedEx Automated Labels ## This oscommerce contribution, when properly configured in a shop with a valid FedEx account, provides the following: - From the admin section, a ship request can be sent directly to FedEx for any number of orders. - A pickup date can be scheduled - Shipment and packaging type can be specified - If an order requires multiple packages, this can be specified, along with the weight for the individual packages - When a valid shipment request is made, the FedEx label is returned (multiple labels are returned for multi-piece shipments) - Information about the shipment is written to a shipping manifest (new table, shipping_manifest) - Through the admin section, the administrator can: -- cancel the shipment -- track the shipment -- view and print the label -- view and print the shipping manifest for a selectable date -- purge the shipping manifest data for the current date - If an order has been shipped, the customer will see an option to "track this shipment" in the order history. Order tracking is kept onsite, they won't be sent to