A fast report that displays products that have missing and unassigned images. This is useful to hand over to a graphics person who can then review the list of missing images, create them and upload them to the server. Also good to hand over to the person in charge of the inventory so that they know which products need to have images assigned to them. This is very easy to install with one code change in the file attached to the package. This addon is based on the addon: Report Missing and Unassignes Images https://apps.oscommerce.com/Mzfqi&report-missing-and-unassignes-images All credits for the original authors. This new version was adapted to OsCommerce 2.3.4 (.1) FROZEN CE by Andrea @puggybelle. All credits go to her for this fantastic new job. Tested and helped: @JcMagpie, @ArtcoInc forum: https://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/493577-need-help-fixing-an-old-contrib-report-missing-and-unassigned-images/?tab=comments#comment-1790140