Uploaded to wrong section before, re-uploading to put into correct section. v1.1 - It is now possible to view credit card info if a customer has paid via your credit card input facilities. Note: Credit card info entered on your website is only included, 3rd Party credit card processors are not included. - Customer contact list has been added, similar to the layout of the iPhone/iPod Touch Contacts Application - Customers can now be contacted by SMS - Viewing a customer from the contact list will display all orders the customer has made. - Top Toolbar has navigation buttons for the new content. - Optional Model No has been added to the orders page, this may help if you catalogue your products via Model Number. - Reports Tool has been added, it is now possible to view the status of Products, Customers, Orders and the total amount in sales over current month, last month, current year and last year - Updated instructions to use SSL when using this App.(thanks Dave) - Index page is now index.php and not iphone.php V1.0 This web app for Oscommerce allows you interface with your shops orders, current features are: - View order list - View orders, including order status, products, attributes, total cost and custommer/order comments. - iWebKit has been incorporated to allow a smoother feel app - Views like a normal app from the Apple App Store - iPhone interaction, call or email a customer with a click of a button. - Google Maps Integration, find where your customer is in 1 click. - Customize it to how you want it. - And more... Installation instructions included in readme.txt