OVERVIEW ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MailBeez is based on modules (like payment, shipping) for sending automatic Emails to customers. (Example: MailBeez Module "Birthday" sends Birthday Reminder) Cross-Platform codebase compatible with OsCommerce, Zen Cart, CRE Loaded, xtCommerce ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi all, am working with osCommerce sind 2003 and after a couple of ecommerce projects I wanted to be able to automatize emails - for almost 5 years I was looking for a simple solution to build automatic email campaigns. Currently between jobs I was able to invest some time to develop MailBeez. The first prototype runs since february 2010 and has produced high clickrates and good results (e.g. 10+% of my customer did write a review on my products, another 10% on the second reminder, 7% gave a buyers rating on trustpilot.) Motivated by this results I invested a couple of weeks (!!) of development into MailBeez. It almost became an obsession...! MailBeez is designed (one codebase for all platforms (!!) ) for Ecommerce Sites running on OsCommerce, Zen Cart, CRE Loaded, xtCommerce and other osCommerce bases systems like OSMax or DigiStore Ecommerce. MailBeez is a modular system for the implementation of Automatic Aftersales Trigger Email Campaigns. examples: * Customer satisfaction surveys after a defined number of days after sending * Review Reminder after a couple of weeks * Birthday and Season Greetings in connection with Coupon Codes * Service Emails for e.g. wearing parts, maintenance updates * Customer reactivation emails – make a personal offer e.g. 6 months after last order * Payment reminder of e.g. Cash in Advanced or Invoice payments MailBeez supports the development of both Transactional and Recurring Trigger Email Campaigns. You will soon find a number of ready-made MailBeez Modules on http://www.mailbeez.com or you can build your own. To Build your own MailBeez Modules you only need to focus on the development of your Query (SQL) and your Email-Template – everything else is taken care of! Find more on http://www.mailbeez.com Please contribute to the development of MailBeez by sharing your MailBeez Modules on http://www.mailbeez.com. Enjoy MailBeez and let me know what you think. Cord