Categories Box Images

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

What does it do: This modification to the code allows the category and sub-category images to be used in the categories box. If a category or sub-category has no image then the textual name is shown. The code can be ammended to give both a category or sub-category image and textual name. I have included some files that can be used as replacements, these files if used require to be renamed categories.php and would replace the file in catalog/includes/boxes/categories.php categories_main_images.php -- This gives main category images only. categories_main_images_text.php -- This gives main category images with text. categories_main_sub_images.php -- This gives main category and sub-category images. categories_main_sub_images_text.php -- This gives main category images with text and sub-category images with text.